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This is How to Verify Your Account with Twitter

Have you ever wondered how to verify your account with Twitter? Watch out for the post from Twitter on the step-by-step guide. However, from the article on Telegraph about this topic, learn how to get it.

National Archive Has Reached A Milestone - DigitalGov

The National Archives Catalog has reached a milestone: we now have 95% of our holdings completely described at the series level in our online

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The National Archives Catalog has reached a milestone. According the news, National Archive now have 95% of her holdings completely described at the series level in their online catalog. This is a monumental achievement. Why? Because the National Archives holds over 14 billion pages of records, and we are adding hundreds of millions of pages.

Ready to Go List of Super and Free Android Apps

I remembered vividly when I got my first Android phone. I was wondering what Apps are out there that I could easily curate and use. Unfortunately I did not get too much help then. Now, you have it right here in this article titled: The 54 best Android apps in 2016: Get the most out of your handset by The article promises to help you "get the most from your smartphone with the best Android apps around."

Free Android Productivity Apps Since The Beginning of 2016

Are you thinking of getting nice, sweet and free Android Productivity Apps, check this list I got from Google Search and enjoy. However, you could also check the old list.

Tips, Tutorials and Tricks for Daily Living from Google News Archive

Google News Archive (GNA), according to Wikipedia is an extension of Google News providing free access to scanned archives of newspapers and links to other newspaper archives on the web, both free and paid. It covers over 200 years of news. These news also often include Tips, Tutorials, Tricks and Tools that could help sort out life challenges.

Examples include:
  1. How to Make Your Ankles Really Slender and Shapely.   The Gazette Times - May 14, 1915
  2. How To Serve Your Country. The Free Lance-Star - Nov 11, 2003
  3. How To Remove Burnt Popcorn Odor. (The Free Lance-Star - Jun 9, 2005)
  4. A Pie In The Face: How To Make Sure Your Pastry's A Hit. The Montreal Gazette - Jan 27, 1979
  5. How To Straighten Out bent-candle Problem. The Pittsburgh Press - May 16, 1983
  6. How To Keep Cobras Away From Your Home.  New Straits Times - Mar 15, 1989
  7. How To Toughen Your Dog's Feet. The Pittsburgh Press - Jul 30, 1978
  8. How To Restrain An Uncooperative Cat. Gettysburg Times - Sep 27, 1994
  9. How To Stop Drugs In Schools. Observer-Reporter - Sep 15, 1986
  10. How to open champagne bottles the easy, safe and silent way.  Lodi News-Sentinel - Jun 11, 1975 
  11. How To Be A Sought-after Person. St. Petersburg Times - May 27, 1951 
  12. A Valuable Lesson: Japanese Are Teaching American Companies How to Treat Employees. Daily News - Aug 11, 1983
  13. Teaching Students How To Think. The Free Lance-Star - Nov 19, 1990
  14. How To Make New Friends In The Golden Years. The Sunday Courier - Sep 9, 1996
  15. How To Choose A Mate: Marriage By Machine. St. Petersburg Times - October 6, 1963
  16. How to Plan for a Good Marriage. The Milwaukee Journal - Jul 2, 1976
  17. How To Create A Manual For Your Own. High Plains Sentinel - Mar 16, 2006
  18.  How To Be Christians Not Just church Members. The Hour - Dec 12, 1980
  19. How To Love Family Members More Effectively. Ocala Star-Banner - Dec 18, 1982
  20. The Greater Milwaukee Billy Graham Crusade, Inc. The Milwaukee Journal - Dec 15, 1979. Statement of revenues and expenses for the period from August 2 1978. More stories like this one 
  21. Photo Diagrams Crucial Spots In Assassination Attempt. Daytona Beach Morning Journal - Mar 30, 1981

Google News Lab Lessons: Free Training Platform for Journalists and Writers

Google News Lab lessons are designed to help Journalists (and Writers) learn the best ways to use Google tools for reporting and storytelling. Watch this introductory video on Google News Lab lessons

All you are required to do to learn how to use a specific product, "whether it’s sharpening your search skills, increasing your audience engagement, or trying out new ways to visualize data," you are required to select the lessons."

According to Google, "these lessons - created based on surveys of journalists around the world." "Use powerful digital tools to enhance every aspect of the journalistic process, from story research to optimizing your work online."

Sample of one of the Lessons

Take advantage of this opportunity! The Lessons include:
  • Research: Develop your story using Google's research tools.
  • Report: Enhance your story using Google's visualization tools.
  • Distribute: Circulate your story through Google's social tools.
  • Optimize: Gauge your engagement with Google's analytic tools.

Best Google Search TIp: How to Explore 200 Years News Archive Free on Google News

To many, searching for old news archive could be pain in the neck. But this should not be any more. Google has done quite a lot of work in making life easy for you through her Google News Archive (GNA). Google has tweaked with the App several times over time, but it is a little stable now.

According to, "News archive content refers to content older than 30 days. Although archive search is no longer available within Google News, you can use Google Web Search to find the content that you’re looking for."

There are 3 major ways of searching GNA:
  1. Go directly to Google News Advanced page. You need to wait for a little seconds before the form comes up.
  2. Use Google Search with this search string: [ KEYWORD(S)] e.g. Search for old news Nigeria coup
  3. Go to Google News Archive page and put in your KEYWORD(S)
    e.g. Nigeria "sworn in" term
It is now your turn to take a dive into the 'ocean of news' by testing out your search queries. Check here Google's help on best way of search the Archive.

These are some of few examples you could start with on Google News Archive:

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